Quality Policy

C.S.I is one of the fast progressing companies in the field of construction & provision of services for various industries, we had progressed & still progressing, with a clear corporate value that Quality & Customer Satisfaction has always been the driving force behind our Company’s progress.


C.S.I is totally committed to maintain & enhance its reputation for the efficient, cost-effective & timely performance of projects to our clients’ specifications & to consistently meet the company’s own standards. In demonstration of our complete commitment to Quality, we have defined the following organizational objectives:-


• Provide reliable, prompt & economical value-added services to the customers.
• Achievement of reasonable profitability, to sustain in the construction market.
• Meet & Exceed customer’s needs & expectations.
• Encouragement, Support & recognition of continual improvement,

which is achieved by:
o Management leadership at all levels.
o Utilizing well trained qualified, experienced & motivated personnel.
o Encourage competent business partners who can demonstrate Quality System which are at least comparable with ours, or who are willing to work under our system.
o Respond in a timely & constructive manner to problems.


To achieve all of the above, C.S.I recognized the need to maintain a Quality System, & after researching management techniques had found ISO 9001:2008 to be the appropriate Quality Certification. Through this commitment, we will have the means to ensure our growth & prosperity in a rapid changing environment & market place.