Technical – Operating Model

Due to the Changing Economic Environment for the last decade and the highly specific characteristics of the Contracting Industry – in our main market Egypt and our Other Regional Markets – we have developed a special Professional Technical model –to sustain and develop our activities in addition to gaining serious sustainable advantages.

This Model which is based on an articulate, professional and tested “Core Team of Contracting Multi-Disciplinary and Cross-functional Engineers and other Mix of Experts” – that permits the CSI and all its resources to be deployed to cover: – More than one Sector and in more than one Geographical area with a careful pre-selection of the Targeted Projects and the Scope of our Participation and Services provided.

We are at the Stage where our Business / Professional Model is no longer Volume based – but quality oriented and designed to create a Balance between :- Sectors, Type of work undertaken and geographical spread Quality of Clients and Projects- which essentially rather Guard against workload Volatility and Surprises from projects that are not well thought of and or not appropriately financed.

A Solid Data Base on our areas of specialization as elaborated in CSI Activities Services Section. Such a Data Base
Dimensional support data base- (client, suppliers, materials, equipment’s, tools, human resources, time, cost, techniques that worked etc.).
Operational data base -from operational systems that are organized to form a base for Historical Records.