Vision & Mission

The Culture of CSI is founded in honesty and integrity. We believe that through principled and ethical behavior, we will gain and maintain the trust of our clients.
CSI is recognized as the most modernized and innovative construction company in Egypt, Middle East and Africa, armed with the state of the art technology, properly equipped with highly qualified and skilled manpower, we provide a large package of services and solutions to achieve our client’s business objectives and plans to be a welcome partner to the societies and communities within which we operate.
CSI is committed to the safety and prosperity of its employees, clients, community and environment.

Mission Statement
As an integrated expert contracting organization, we are committed to:
• Execute projects of new installations, constructions as well as plant revamp and rehabilitation.
• Provide the required detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and project control activities in optimal manner to achieve the goals within the targets budget and schedule.
• Maximize the local content, fabrication and workshop various activities.
• Develop technical crews of well trained and experienced professionals to cope with our client’s needs whether it is international or local manpower