Pipeline test & commissioning
CSI have conducting the pre commissioning, commissioning and hydro test of pipeline including cleaning activities, pigging, purging, drying and hydro testing of pipelines.
CSI had a previous experience in executing such workofpre-commissioning and testing of 10 Km, 8 inch gas pipeline for Nubaria Sugar factory, and 24”, 16” & 12” with a total of 16 Km gas pipe line for El-Sharkia LL Dokhan, according to the following scope:

  1. Initial Cleaning and Purging
  2. Water Filling and Venting
  3. Hydrostatic Testing
  4. Air Leak test
  5. Bulk Dewatering
  6. Final Dewatering
  7. Final Cleaning and Initial Drying (for complete pipeline length)
  8. Final Drying
  9. Nitrogen Purging and Packing to 1 bar (including supplying nitrogen)
  10. Pneumatic air Leak test Before and After the Hydrostatic Test
  11. Supplying all Needed Cleaning and Gauging Pigs Required
  12. Supplying Water and Water Drainage