As a self-performing general contractor for several industries, we undertake construction work on the turnkey basis and ensure that the work is completed within the committed time frame. CSI offers the highest quality construction services. The firm has developed highly effective management systems for staffing, scheduling, cost and budget control, and reporting functions during the construction phase that are proven administrative tools that is essential for the on-time, on budget delivery of complex projects. CSI can provide the following services:

  • Construction Management
  • General Contracting includes.
    • Mechanical works including piping, steel structure and main equipment erection.
    • Electrical and instrumentation works.
    • Firefighting and fire alarm systems.
    • Civil works.
    • Painting and insulation works.
    • HVAC System.
  • Fabrication Services including:
    • Piping (small and large bore)
    • Piping supports.
    • Steel structure (heavy, medium and large)
    • Tanks &non-pressurized vessels.
    • Skids (i.e. chemical injection skid, metering skid…etc.)
  • Project Support Services.
    • Procurement Service.
    • Recruitment Service (Manpower Outsourcing).
    • Engineering Service (Design review and workshop drawings)

“In particular cases we can provide a detail design
of tanks and steel structures via a partner consulting offices”

  • Special Services.
    • Testing and calibration of instruments
    • Pipeline test & commissioning
    • GRP pipelines fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning.
    • Chemical cleaning for piping works.

Our extensive portfolio spans across almost all segments of the market, Oil &Gas, Petrochemical, LNG, Fertilizer, Industrial sectors, Sewage and water treatment, Air Separation units, Power and Transmission plant.