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SN.Customer NameProject LocationProject NameWork ScopeExecution YearWork Volume
1GS E&CMostorodERC Refinery ProjectInstallation of steel structure
Fabrication and installation of piping work
Precommissioning of piping work
Painting of steel structure
2015-2018St. St.: 2,967 Ton
Piping: 46,000 DI
Piping: 46,000 DI
St. St.: 2,967 Ton
2EthydCo.C.S.I Steel Factory Derrick Structure and RiserFabrication of Derrick Structure and relevant flare riser including painting and galvanization work in addition to complete preassembly for fabricated Items2014450 Tons
3Uhde GmbHC.S.I Steel Factory Different types of Pipe Supports / PDH-PP Plant - Port SaidSupply, Fabrication & painting for standard & special pipe supports both CS & SS 2008-2009700 Ton
4Kinetics Technology KtC.S.I Steel Factory MATS ProjectSupply and Installation of Insulation mateirals required for piping, Equipment and tank20172500 sqm
5KTI AlarishEMG-Gas Compression StationMechanical Works
Electrical Work
Instrument Installation
Painting Works
Pre-Commissioning Activity and Assistance to Commissioning Activity Civil Works and Installation of Gas Pipelines
2007-2008Pipeline = 1200 LM
6TOTALBorg El‐Arab Industrial ZoneTOTAL TEBUSupply, Fabrication, Painting, Insulation and Erection of the Following:
Steel Structure, Pipe Rack and Equipment
Tank Farm
Piping Process and Facilities Networks
2011-2012Steel Structure 108 Ton
Tanks (18 tank)
Piping 300 Ton
7BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory N.2 Intake systems for GT AE94.2 6th October Extension P.PSupply & Fabrication for N.2 Air Intake System2013-2014320 TON
8Technip ItalyC.S.I Steel Factory Naphta Reformer ComplexMechanical, E&I, Painting & Insulation.1999-2000Painting (150,000 M2)
Insulation. (45,000 M2)
9BoldrocchiIsmalyia & DamiettaAL-Shabab Power PlantSupply No. 3 Steel Structures for Fin Fan Coolers2016136 Ton
10PetrofacC.S.I Steel Factory Western Desert Khalda (El-Salam Plant)Piping Prefabrication Works 2007-200860,000 DI
11WTD/Midwater C.S.I Steel Factory MIDOR WATER SUPPLY SYSETM RO WTP.Supply of No.3 Dual media filters 2021No.3 DMF, No.1 Access platform
12Air LiquideEl-Sokhna, SuezSGG Civil and Mechanical Works as Follow:
Piping Prefabrication and Erection
Steel Structure Fabrication, Erection, Painting and Insulation
Equipment Erection
13BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory N. 3 Bag Filters + DuctsSupply & Fabrication of N. 3 Bag Filters + Ducts2013190 TON
C.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development Project "Phase 2"Supply, Fabrication, Inspection, Hot Dip Galvanization and Painting of the Derrick Structural Components201856,600 Kgs of Derrick Legs (Columns)
5,000 Kgs of Ladders and Platforms
15BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Kiln & Raw Mill Existing Bag house ConversionFabrication and Painting and assembly of various steel equipment (i.e. Plenum, Hopper, casing, Filter house, Heat Exchanger… etc.)2014200 Ton
16ELNGIDKUWaste Heat Recovery Unit Supply, Fabrication, Erection of St. Structure Works 2014270 Ton
17WTD/Midwater C.S.I Steel Factory MIDOR WATER SUPPLY SYSETM RO WTP.Electrical piping supports 1 Ton
Additional Piping supports 6 Ton
Structure , Skids , piping supports
202113 Ton
18BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory HOLCIM HOGERS TOWN - KHD ProjectFabrication, Painting, galvanization and final preassembly of steel equipment (i.e. bag filter, By pass Filter and Heat Exchanger)2014-2015230 Ton
19Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory El-Hadarat bridgeFabrication and painting of Steel Pipes
Fabrication , painting and assembly of steel beams
2020400 Ton
20DSD-GermanyAlexandriaRod Mill Plant E & I1996-1997750000 ton/year
21BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Suez El-Sokhna Plant
(Clinker Cooler Bag Filter)
Supply, fabrication
& transportation of loose materials
2019Fabrication of 1798.7 Kg of HARDOX 450 & 121.9 Kg
of S235 JR
22Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Fabrication of No.2 steel works for fanhousing Supply , Fabrication, painting , packing aof No.2 steel works for fanhousing 202214.386 Tons
23Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory Luxor BridgeFabrication and painting of Luxor Bridge2022150 Tons
24SiemensC.S.I Steel Factory Steel structure items Beni Suef power stationDesign , supply , fabrication and painting of steel structure 201916,000 Kgs
25BoldrocchiSuezSUEZ Cement ProjectRepair work and erection of carpentries for new de-dusting system2017130 Ton
26Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Fabrication of No.1 Air intake + Compensators Supply , Fabrication, painting , packing and delivery for No.1 Air intake +compensators2022 18.824 Tons
C.S.I Steel Factory Naphta Complex ProjectSupply, Fabrication, Inspection and Painting of Vertical Ladders, Platforms, Hand-
rails and Gratings
20187,585 Kgs of Ladders & Platforms
46 m² of Gratings (HDG
28Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory Fardous 3 BridgeFabrication and painting of Fardous 3 bridges steel2021174.4 Ton
29Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Fabrication of No.4 Steel works for fan housing complete of No.4 inlet compensators + No.4 Outlet compensators Supply , Fabrication, painting , packing and delivery of No.4 fan housing 2022137.5 Tons
30Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Fabrication of No.2 Air intakes for fans + No.4 Inlet compensators +No.4 Outlet compensatorsSupply , Fabrication, painting , packing and delivery of No. 2 air intakes 202217.4 Tons
31ShabakatDamnhour Mahmoudia - Gas PipelinesNitrogen Purging and Drying of 6” gas line20093 KM
32Carlo Gavazzi C.S.I Steel Factory Midor Refinery Expansion Project (E&I) works SUPPLY JUNCTION BOX FRAMES TYPES 2A, 3A LOT 2
202128 Ton
33Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Fabrication of No.1 steel structures for aircooler Supply , Fabrication, painting , packing and delivery of No.1 Steel structure for Air coolers 20215.5 Tons
C.S.I Steel Factory Naphta Complex ProjectSupply, Fabrication, Inspection and Hot Dip Galvanization of Templates and Anchor Bolts201874 Kgs of Templates & 219 Kgs of Anchor Bolts
35Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory No.2 lube oil cooler & No.1 air cooler Supply , Fabrication, painting , packing and delivery of Steel structure for Air coolers 202125 Tons
36AMCOC.S.I Steel Factory Flare Package for UTILITIES & OFFSITE FOR ASORC NAPHTHA COMPLEX PROJECT Repair of damaged parts 2021-202210 Ton
37Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory EMAAR BridgeFabrication and painting of Emaar brigde steel 2021128 Ton
38DYPNFC.S.I Steel Factory Embedded PlatesSUPPLY, FABRICATION
20211.35 Ton
39Boldrocchi C.S.I Steel Factory Bag filter fabrication-Buzzi Cement Plant (USA)Fabrication of No.1 steel structure relevant to Bag filter (Hoppers,casing,inlet dampers and covering structure)202143 Ton
40EMCFaraskour -DamittaFire water tank "Faraskour El Wastany Company"Supply, prefabrication, welding, erection and hydrotesting of carbon steel water storage tank.201922,715 kgs
C.S.I Steel Factory Naphta Complex ProjectSupply, Fabrication and , Inspection of air duct2018 8,300 Kgs of air duct
42Air LiquideSadat CityAcetylene Filling StationSupply, Fabrication and Commissioning of Fire Fighting System.2012
43Carlo Gavazzi C.S.I Steel Factory Midor Refinery Expansion Project (E&I) works INSTRUMENT SUPPORTS AND JUNCTION BOX FRAMES LOT 4202125 Ton
C.S.I Steel Factory Naphta Complex ProjectSupply, Fabrication, Inspection and Painting of Derrick legs and structural profiles20187,300 Kgs of Derrick legs & 10,910 Kgs of Structural Profiles
45ACCIONAC.S.I Steel Factory Stage 2, Phase 2 Gabal Al Asfar WWTP projectSupply and fabrication of Stainless steel wall pipes for pumping stations 2015
46Carlo Gavazzi C.S.I Steel Factory Midor Refinery Expansion Project (E&I) works Supply of Instrument Supports for concrete floor LOT 320214 Ton
47BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Gas Capacity Increase Project "Algeria"Supply, Fabrication and , Inspection of No.6 Steel Structure & No.1 Rack of air cooler 2018-2019No.6 Steel Structure & No.1 Rack "74.8 Ton"
48Steel For Engineering C.S.I Steel Factory Dubai internet city Supply, fabrication, hot-dip galvanizing & painting of stairs and handrails20215 Tons
49Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory SPHINX AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDINGFabrication and painting of steel building 2020-2021100 Ton
50Dgskie tradingMidor AlexandriaTractor FactorySupply, Fabrication, Painting , Assembly , Erection , and Transportation of 4 crane girder to Midor site.20206 Ton
51Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory Toshka Fabrication and , painting of Steel Pipes20209.8 Ton
52Dgskie tradingToshiba FactoryCrane Girders
(Toshiba Factory)
Supply, Fabrication, Sand blasting , Painting , and erection of double girders for 10 ton crane. 20207 Ton
53Amco/MidorC.S.I Steel Factory Flair Tips RepairWelding Repair for Flair Tips 2019-2020No.2 Flare Tips
54SiemensC.S.I Steel Factory Cooling tower Bypass stop logs & Guides -Beni Suef power station Supply, Fabrication,
and painting of stop logs & guides
20194 sets of bypass stop logs and guids
55EnppiMostorodERC Refinery ProjectPerforming Welding & Piping work 2018-2019Welding of 6,022 joints
56Kinetics Technology KtC.S.I Steel Factory MATS Project Supply, fabrication, installation and hydrotest of Molten Salt tank of stainless steel 321H 201715 Ton
57AMCO/RESTA S.p.A.C.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development Project "Phase 2"Supply, Fabrication, Inspection and Painting of Vertical Ladders, Platforms, Hand-
rails and Gratings
201815,100 Kgs of Ladders & Platforms
110 m² of Gratings (HDG)
C.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development Project "Phase 2"Supply, Fabrication, Inspection and Painting of Vertical Ladders, Platforms, Hand-
rails and Gratings
2018982 Kgs of Ladders & Platforms
6.75 m² of Gratings (HDG)
59BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development ProjectSupply, Fabrication, Inspection and Painting of No.4 Steel structure2018 No.4 Steel Structure 52.6 Ton
60Kinetics Technology KtC.S.I Steel Factory MATS ProjectDesign, Supply and fabrication of steel structure201740 Ton
61BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development ProjectSupply and fabrication of Steel Structures for Fin Fan Coolers of approximate weight of 36 Ton.201736 Ton
62Tozzi / AmcoC.S.I Steel Factory Zohr Development ProjectSupply , fabrication and assembly of 4 salt bins20176 ton
63Thermo-Engineering / PetrobelC.S.I Steel Factory ZOHR Phase 1 ProjectSupply and fabrication of HP/LP/ LLP Flare Package2016-201765 Ton
64BoldrocchiSuezSUEZ Cement ProjectSupply, Fabrication of carpentries for new de-dusting system (bypass filter and plenum for cooler and Kiln/Raw Mill bag filters)2016-2017130 Ton
65Kinetics Technology KtC.S.I Steel Factory Zohr ProjectSupply and fabrication of no. 1,750 anchors with approximate weight of 10 ton. 20161,750 anchor ≈ 10 ton
66Rossetti MarinoC.S.I Steel Factory ENNPI Amer 8 Chemical Injection PackageFabrication & assembly of Chemical Injection Skid2011
67BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Yamma cement plant in KSASupply, Fabrication and painting of No.2 mill bag filter, No.1 separator filter, set of ducts and miscellaneous2015-201628 Ton
68Cargill-NVOCBourg El-ArabDe-hulling Sandy Camel ProjectEquipment dismantle and erection and steel structure fabrication and erection2015-2016Equipment No.:59
69BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Deir Azzour Project (Syria)Supply & Fabrication for N.2 Air Intake System2015-2016340 Ton
70Cargill-NVOCBourg El-ArabRoad Behind BG. 07Supply & Execution of Civil and Steel Works20141,200 m2
71BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory El Mahmoudia Power stationSupply & Fabrication for N.2 Air Intake System2015220 Ton
72BoldrocchiC.S.I Steel Factory Delta Steel ProjectSupply Fabrication and painting of Carpentries and Fan housing 2014-201575 Ton
73MotridalC.S.I Steel Factory Anchor BoltsSupply & Fabrication of Anchor Bolts2013
74Air LiquideSadat cityESR - PlantInstallation of 1''pressure regulator& its fixation and a barrier & gate for main air compressor area2013
75Air LiquideSadat CityESR - PlantSupply and Preparation of Instrument, Mechanical and Store Workshop Containers Supply and fabrication of I beam2013-2014
76KahromikaC.S.I Steel Factory Suez Thermal Power Plant STGSupply and Fabrication of Embedded Parts2013
77Namaa Engineering and TradingAlexandriaProcess Water Stripper ReboilerMechanical (Heat Exchanger Retubing)2012
78DANIELI AL- SoukhnaDANIELI SMP site Suez EgyptModify Steel Pins2011
79MI-SWACOC.S.I Steel Factory Skid paintingSand Blasting and Painting2011
C.S.I Steel Factory TE‐ENPPI/GPC‐ProjectSupply, Fabrication & Painting of Elevated Flare Package 2011
81TecnimontKTEl-ArishEMG-Gas compression station(Turnkey job) Civil, Mechanical, E&I, Painting and Insulation.2011
82TermomeccanicaCairoCairo West ProjectMaterial Supply od Pipes and Fittings2010
83AMCOC.S.I Steel Factory Thermal OxidizerSupply & Fabrication and Painting of 1 Unit Thermal Oxidizer with its Ladders and Platforms2010
84Saint GobainEl-Sokhna, SuezInside Manholes & Gas Reduction SlabCivil works "Storage Building"2009-2010
85Air ProductsSadat CitySphinx Glass- Air Separation Unit.Electromechanical Supply and Installation Works2009-2010
86Hassan Allam/
C.S.I Steel Factory Arabian cement company-ACC / RHI (reliance heavy industries).Supply & Fabrication of Belt Conveyor Parts, Silo and Chutes2009-2010
87Technip ItalyAlexandriaMIDOR DCU EXPANSIONDesign, Supply, Fabrication, Painting & Installation of Steel Structure and Anchor Bolts.2009
88Thyssen Krupp XervonAlexandria, El-BrullusEL-Brullus Compression Station.Electrical & Instrumentation \Installation work.2009
89MAS EngineeringAlexandria, Bourg El-ArabDelta Dying FactoryErection of Water Drainage Network (Piping Work)2009
90ELNGC.S.I Steel Factory ELNG - Plant IdkuSupply, Fabrication, Painting & Installation of A-Frame2008
91MI-SWACOC.S.I Steel Factory Centrifugal Short StandSupply, Fabrication and Painting of Short Stand Centrifugal2008
92Air Liquide6th of OctoberSILPA 140 Air Separation UnitTurn Key Job (Civil, electromechanical supply and installation works including pre commissioning and commissioning of the plant systems)2008-2009
93Chipsy for Food Industries6th of OctoberLine 1, 2& 3 Seasoning MachineSupply, Fabrication & Installation2008
94MI-SWACOC.S.I Steel Factory Prefabricated AssembliesSupply and Fabrication2008
95ABB GUPCO - Port SaidTAURT and LTS 3 Test Ring to Calibrate Various Sizes of PSV2008
96EFJVC.S.I Steel Factory Cairo Metro Line 3Supply & Fabrication Of Steel Segments2008
97ABB GUPCO - Port SaidTAURT and LTS 3 Test Ring of instruments' calibration2008
98MAS EngineeringBourg El-ArabFilmar Nile Textile Sewer Piping SystemFabrication and Installation Filmar Nile Textile Sewer System (Piping Work)2008
99MI-SWACOC.S.I Steel Factory Metal Covers & Sealed FlangesSupply and Fabrication2008
100Elite C.S.I Steel Factory Parking Hydraulic Lifting Car MachineSupply and Fabrication of Hydraulic Lifting Car Machine2008
101Cargill-NVOCBourg El-ArabNew Partitions / New Front Office / Gas Storage Civil and Steel Structure Work2007-2008
102Chipsy for Food Industries6th of OctoberWM Local BuiltSupply, Fabrication & Installation2007
103Chipsy for Food Industries6th of OctoberConveyor Platforms Supply, Fabrication & Installation2007
104ELNGC.S.I Workshop-IDKUAluminum Solar Cell SupportsSupply and Fabrication of Aluminum Solar Cells Supports2007
105KTI -HTIAlarishRaw & Fire water tankDesign, Supply, Fabrication, Installation, Sand Blasting & Painting of Raw & Fire Water Tank 2007(2,285 Mt3)
106LoTec, Inc. USAC.S.I Steel Factory (4) FH Intake SystemsSupply, Fabrication, Sand Blasting, Painting & Insulation2007
107DAMIETTA LNG CONSTRUCTION LLCAlexandriaSun Shade for INCOESA Transformer Supply of Galvanized Steel Sections 2007
108Thyssen KruppDamiettaMOBCOSupply of Galvanized C-Channel 80 2007
109Moody International6th of OctoberEl-Sharkia Tobacco Gas LineHydrostatic Test and The Pre-commissioning Activities of 12”/16”/24’’ Gas Line200717.5 km
110KahromikaC.S.I Steel Factory Pulp Dryer for Nubaria Sugar Factory 300 tonFabrication of Steel Equipment2007
111Moody InternationalNubariaNubaria Sugar Factory Hydrostatic Test and The Pre-commissioning Activities of 8" Gas Line200711 km
112Be-Six -BelgiumLibya- TripoliSahel & Sahara BankSupply, Fabrication & Installation of HVAC system2005-2006
113DegremontCairo- Elgabal ElasfarWaste Water Treatment UnitFabrication & Installation of Piping & Steel Structure 2005
114Bechtel overseas natural gas liquefaction com IDKU – AlexLNG. Plant Calibration of Valves Instrument / (E&I)2004-2005
115Chipsy for Food Industries6th of OctoberNew Line for Food ProcessingSupply, Fabrication & Installation2004-2006
116ADC - FranceC.S.I Steel Factory Crane Girders Mechanical2004
117ABBC.S.I Steel Factory AcpaSand blasting & Painting2004
118T.R.C.S.I Steel Factory AsspcSand Blasting & Painting2004
119Technip ItalyC.S.I Steel Factory DCU EXPANSION PROJECTDetailed Engineering, Supply and Erection of Warehouse Building with Relevant Internal Office and Offices Building2009
120Technip ItalyC.S.I Steel Factory Thiopaq Plant (AMOC)Mechanical, Painting & Insulation/ Rehabilitation, Start up, Operation & Maintenance Activities2003-2004
C.S.I Steel Factory Derrick StructureSupply and Fabrication2002
122Icom Engineering - ItalySuezPlatform ReefersE&I 2001-2002
123Endico - EcoC.S.I Steel Factory Varta Environment SystemMechanical2001-2002
124DaelimFree Zone - AlexMiddle East Oil RefineryMechanical2000-2001
125AEG/ALSTOM GermanyCairoHeliopolis GIS 200/66/11 KvE & I (GIS 200/66/11 kv)2000-2001
126AEG/ALSTOM GermanyC.S.I Steel Factory Ameria Cement Factory SubstationE & I2000-2001
127AEG/ALSTOM GermanyC.S.I Steel Factory Midelec SubstationE & I1999-2000
128ABB C.S.I Steel Factory Gas Turbine Pilling WorksCivil1999-2000
129Carlo GavazziSuezSuez Steel PlantE & I1999-2000
130Siemens - GermanyAlex national steel -Dekhela, AlexandriaSteel making /flat sheet plantsE & I1999
131AEG/ALSTOM GermanyAlexandriaKarmoz 220/66Kv substationE & I1999
132Esacontra steelAlexandriaContra Steel FactoryCivil1998
133Arab ContractorCairo - HeliopolisABB Head Quarter Building Civil1997-1998
134Lurgi Rest ItalyCairo Isomerization PlantMechanical, Sand Blasting & Painting1997-1998
135DSD-GermanyAlexandriaHigh Tolerance Concrete SlabsCivil works1996-1997
136ESACOAlexandriaGas Pipe Line NetworkMechanical1995-1996
137DSD-GermanyAlexandriaMain Lab.E & I1995-1995
138Linda - GermanyAlexandriaAir Separation PlantE & I1994-1995
139EPCOAlexandriaMain Drainage PitMechanical & Civil1994-1996
140Nem - HollandDamnhourDamnhour / mahmoudia power plantE & I1994
141TechnifrigoAlexandriaChlorine Liquefaction PlantCivil, Mechanical , Sand Blasting & Painting , Hot\ Cold Insulation1993-1994
142Petrojet - PirelliAlexandriaAlex TiresCivil, Painting1993-1995
143Jacorossi- ItalyWepcoNAF PlatformE & I1992
144FWF/CgiAlexandriaLube Oil Expansion (AMOC)Hot / Cold Insulation 1992
145Technip ItalyAlexandriaMiddle East Oil RefineryMechanical 1992
146Technip ItalyEpco -AlexBoiler PlantInsulation 1992(12,000 M2 )