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Special Services

Pipeline Hydro test & Commissioning

Special services

Pipeline Hydro
test & Commissioning

C.S.I have conducting the pre commissioning, commissioning and hydro test of pipeline including cleaning activities, pigging, purging, drying and hydro testing of pipelines.
C.S.I had a previous experience in executing such work of pre-commissioning and testing of 10 Km, 8 inch gas pipeline for Nubaria Sugar factory, and 24”, 16” & 12” with a total of 16 Km gas pipe line for El-Sharkia LL Dokhan, according to the following scope:

• Initial Cleaning and Purging
• Water Filling and Venting
• Hydrostatic Testing
• Air Leak test
• Bulk and Final Dewatering
• Final Cleaning and Initial Drying (for complete pipeline length)
• Final Drying
• Nitrogen Purging and Packing to 1 bar (including supplying nitrogen)
• Pneumatic air Leak test before and After the Hydrostatic Test
• Supplying all Needed Cleaning and Gauging Pigs Required
• Supplying Water and Water Drainage