Saint Gobain Glass Factory- Air Separation Unite

Project name

Saint Gobain Glass Factory- Air Separation Unite


12 months


Air Liquide

Project Description

Civil and mechanical works including dismantling of old existing equipment in hydrogen plant located at 10th of Ramadan City, and reinstallation of it.

Civil works are concerned in the construction of H2 & N2 Plants equipment foundations, and building of the service and administration buildings including finishing works and execution of the water supply, sewage and drainage networks for the external area, and preparation of the plant asphalted roads and walkways including the construction of the plant fencing wall. Under the mechanical contract, and as a special case under this project, AL intended to dismantle the existing AL hydrogen plant, located at the 10 thof Ramadan City, and move it to SGG site, located at Al-Sokhna zone for a reinstallation purpose. The dismantling process shall include all the following equipment.

1. Hydrogen generating cells (20 nos.).
2. Compressors (2 nos.).
3. Rectifier c/w ventilation system and accessories.
4. Gas holder.
5. Piping systems c/w fittings, accessories and valves.
6. Control and measuring devices.
7. Gas buffer cylinders c/w supports.
8. Auxiliary Tanks and accessories.

This is in addition to the new installation of the new hydrogen generation cells and also, supply and install all piping systems complete with fittings, supports, valves, control and all measuring devices. The new installations include:

1. New hydrogen generation cells (10 nos.),
2. New Rectifier c/w ventilation system and accessories,
3. All Piping Systems c/w accessories and valves,
4. Control and measuring devices,
5. New Gas buffer cylinders c/w supports.

Beside the Installation of the new Nitrogen (N2) generation plant including:
1. Dynamic gas mixer,
2. Compressors (2 nos),
3. APSA-T7 units including the cold box (exchangers and distillation column) and the warm skid (drying and purification).
4. Nitrogen ambient vaporizers (4 nos).
5. LIN back-up tanks, each 53 cu.m (3 nos).
6. Piping system c/w fittings, supports, all valves, accessories, control and all measuring devices and instruments.

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